Liebenzell Retreat Ministries

A brand new logo and website for Liebenzell Retreat Ministries, a Christian organization based in Schooley's Mountain, NJ that serves to provide a mountaintop experience in Christ.

A new identity centered on the mountaintop.

Liebenzell Retreat’s new identity is centered around its mission to provide a mountaintop experience for those seeking a refuge from daily struggle and strife. The mountaintop-based identity also stems from the scriptural significance of the location: Abraham going to sacrifice, Moses going to worship, and Jesus going to pray, the mountaintop has always been important to Christian life as a destination for communing with God.

To capture this, Liebenzell Retreat’s new logo is a mark of two mountaintops: one rugged to show the beauty of God’s creation with nature and the Earth, and the second, positioned just above that, showing clarity and order through Christ, symbolized through the cross.