A refreshed identity reinforces symbolic meaning to a New Jersey ministry.

Liebenzell Retreat Ministries, a Christian ministry based in Schooley’s Mountain in New Jersey, launched a new brand identity centered around the mission of providing a mountaintop experience to commune with God. I worked with the organization to develop their new logo and brand, and also assisted in the initial development of their new website. The unique, yet powerful icon that symbolizes growth and peak was designed to be a reflection of the experience that the ministry aims to provide.

A brand rooted on the mountaintop.

When we began working on a new brand for Liebenzell, we explored a number of potential directions based on the ministry’s mission and heritage. Elements such as the grapevine and crystal glass were prominent and appeared to be strong starting points, but the ministry prided itself, above all else, in the mountaintop experience it provided. The mountaintop is an integral part of the Christian faith, with key biblical stories taking place there, and Liebenzell sought to provide such an experience for those seeking a refuge from daily struggle and strife.

Crystal Glass
Mountaintop A
Mountaintop B
Liebenzell A
Liebenzell B

After presenting a number of sketches to Liebenzell, we found ourselves attached to the potential of creating a symbolic mark that represented the beauty of this mountaintop experience. We experimented with round and square designs, illustrative styles and simple vector graphics, and so on. Our design rounds led us to find a mark that we felt evoked Liebenzell’s mission just right.

The final logo is a mark of two mountaintops: one rugged to show the beauty of God’s creation with nature and the Earth, and the second, positioned just above that, showing clarity and order through Christ, symbolized through the cross. Designed at two sizes, the mark is versatile for both small and large-scale applications as well.

We designed a beautiful new and modern Squarespace site for Liebenzell Retreat to bring its web presence up to date. The new website is cleaner and more responsive, allowing for a better user experience across more browsers and devices. Additionally, the staff at Liebenzell Retreat have easy access to modify and customize their website as needed thanks to Squarespace’s CMS, enabling them to keep the website fresh and regularly maintained.