Edward Kim is a freelance visual designer and aspiring industrial designer based in Philadelphia. He has designed for a variety of clients, including law firms, fashion brands and academic institutions. He is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also works at the Communications division of the Wharton School.

Since the moment he first held a pencil, it was without a doubt that his interests fell in the arts. Cartography was Edward’s first passion – frequent trips from his New Jersey home to Atlantic City and New York led him to draw maps of the journeys his family took, growing more accurate with each new sheet of paper. The presents he asked for were atlases and GPS systems – roads intrigued him, a hobby that no one else in his age probably understood.

He discovered graphic design through an independent project on learning how to build websites in the fifth grade. Learning how to code basic websites led to an obsession over detail, and a search to create graphics for it fueled his motivation to independently study graphic design alongside his own schoolwork. Graphic design and the arts became inseparable for him: throughout high school, he often volunteered to produce graphics and videos for his school’s admission and development offices.

Today, Edward is studying architecture at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing his design curiosity further. He currently works at the Communications division of the Wharton School and designs in a freelance capacity. If you’d like to work with Edward, get in touch.

Photo by Astronaut Monastery.